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FAQs About Insurance Decisions


Who should have life insurance?

Everyone.  Over ninety percent of Americans are either uninsured, or under insured.
Yes, it's a difficult conversation to have, but you need to have it.
At the Frost Agency, our knowledgeable agents are prepared to have that 
conversation with you in a safe, comfortable environment.


There is no one "right" answer to this question.  Everyone is different.  At the Frost Agency, a licensed insurance agent will consult with you to determine your unique needs, and those of your family.  By partnering with over 30 national carriers, we are able to tailor a package focused on your requirements and budget.  And remember, even if you have insurance now it may not be suitable for your present circumstances.  Also, as your situation changes (and it will), your coverages may need to change as well.  An annual review is recommended.  To have one of our agents provide you with a complimentary no obligation review, contact us today!



Why do I need life insurance?

Because someone is depending on you.  Whether it is a spouse, or children, or even grandchildren, YOU are important to another person somewhere.  The sudden loss of financial support can be devastating.  At the Frost Agency we will consider in depth everyone who is looking to you to secure their future so that you will have the peace of mind knowing that should anything happen to you, your family will be well taken care of.  Contact us today, to sleep well tonight.



When should I obtain, add to, or change my life insurance?

Now.  Or whenever there is a change in your life situation.  In insurance, birthdays are important (Ok, they are ALWAYS important, but more so in insurance).  With each passing year, your ability to obtain insurance decreases, even as the cost increases.  So really, the sooner the better.  Other important life changes?  Marriage, the birth of a bouncing baby bundle of joy, a new house, a change in occupation, retirement...these are all very good reasons to review your insurance needs.  At the Frost Agency, we suggest a review on an annual basis.  Our agents are ready to provide you with a complimentary no obligation insurance review TODAY.  Contact us any time.  And remember...the sooner the better.



Where do I find the right insurance for me?

At the Frost Agency, we partner with over 30 nationally known carriers to provide the most appropriate coverage for you.  Traditionally, one of our agents would visit you in your home, to meet your family and assess your needs.  This is still an option, but in these uncertain times, an agent can also consult with you through a virtual meeting.  Whichever way makes you feel the most comfortable and safe.  Contact us to arrange an appointment today, and we can meet with you in a matter of hours.



How do I apply for and secure insurance coverage?

That's easy!  We do all the work for you.  After doing an in-depth needs assessment, your agent will recommend several plans based on the offerings of our partner carriers.  Once you decide which plan is right for you, your agent will complete and submit the application for you.  It is important to note that your agent will never recommend anything that they do not believe you will qualify for.  Most applications are now done electronically, and in many cases you will have a confirmation within 24 hours.  In a few rare instances, a paper application with your signature will be required.  Your agent will then either visit you at home to obtain the signature, or mail the application to you with a postage-paid return envelope.  Most carriers now offer automatic EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) programs for premium payments.  You simply decide whether to pay annually, quarterly, or monthly.  You can even choose what day of the month your premium is paid!  And as always, everything is complimentary, no obligation.  We can modify your plan even after the initial application is submitted.  Contact us today.